Sky High offers kids’ English lessons for children as young as 4-years old up through elementary and jr. high school.   If you really want your child to learn and improve their English language ability, we urge you to try Sky High’s ‘Kids English Lessons’ program.

For all students in our Kids’ English Lessons curriculum, our lessons focus on all five main areas of language learning – speaking, listening, reading, and writing.  Even children as young as 4 years old will begin learning how to recognize letters of the alphabet and their pronunciation, and work their way up to writing reading and writing.

For elementary school, and jr. high students, we really focus on the importance of reading and writing.  We also try to stay ahead of what the jr. high students are learning in their English lessons at school, by utilizing the New Crown series textbooks.

In the case of of our ‘Kids’ English Lessons’ we invite parents in the classroom from time to time so that they can watch how much their children are learning.  We also keep you updated on your children’s class time, with regular reports on their progress.


Young children have the ability, and greater advantage to acquiring natural language skills, and that’s why we recommend that your child begin English education early on.  Learning English is the best for your child’s future. Our “Early Start” English curriculum, in our ‘Kids’ English Lessons’ program, allows young children to become accustomed to using English, have confidence, and acquire basic English ability.  At this level, your child will begin to learn to become comfortable with studying with a native speaker, if this is their first time. There have even been cases where young children reach the stage of being at the same level as native-speaking children their age.

Our ‘Early Start’ kids English lessons focus on familiarizing your child with recognizing the English alphabet letters and their sound (phonics/pronunciation).  They will also learn basic vocabulary, such as  colors, numbers, food, animals, and other general objects.  With them, we will practice basic sentences, such as greetings, and asking an answering basic questions in English.  
Sky High understands that everyone learns at different paces, so for children we want to let them have fun in their English lessons, and let them explore their abilities as they learn.  As they become more advanced with learning, we will recommend to the parent for them to go to the next level of learning. 
For our ‘Early Start’ kids’ English lessons, we use children’s textbooks, flash cards, games, and sing and dance to assure that they stay busy and interested.  We believe that within a year of English lessons, your young child will be confident with using basic English words and phrases, and they will be ready to move onto the next phase – reading and writing with English.


For elementary and jr. high school students in our ‘Kids’ English Lessons program’, it is just another step for them in the learning process.  Whether they have advanced from our Early Start curriculum, or they are new students to Sky High, these lessons will prepare them for their future ability to speak, listen, read and write in English.   With school-aged children we specifically focus on reading and writing, because we believe that they are the most important parts of understanding the language. 

We not only want the students to be able to listen and speak certain English phrases, but we want them to fully understand what they are listening to, and what they are saying.  We believe that even young students who are total beginners with English language, will be able to read within one year or less, when they study at Sky High.  

We use a great set of books in our ‘Kids English Lessons’ curriculum, as well as flash cards, fun games, and practice real-life situations (role-play) with the English they learn.  As the students learn, they are quizzed regularly, and we also test their English knowledge before we advance them to the next level in the curriculum.

With enough young learners, Sky High plans to hold special, Western holiday events and/or outing with groups of students in the future, for their enjoyment world culture understanding.

Sky High understands that everyone learns at different paces so, for children, we want to let them have fun in their English lessons and let them explore their abilities as they learn.

Skyhigh English Language Schoolは楽しくとてもリラックスした環境で、活きた英語を身につけることができました。
また英検やTOEFL、 TOEICなど様々な分野をニーズに合わせ、学習することができました。

Hiroki Toda, El Camino College, Los Angeles, CA., USA

私は教室に通い始めて2年目です。Billy 先生は、個々のレベルや目標に合わせて、優しく丁寧に教えてくれるので、間違いを恐れずしっかり会話をしながら、楽しく続けられています。また、TOEIC初受験前には、特別プログラムで鍛えてもらい、良かったです。

Yoko, Okayama City


Izumi Yamashita, Notre Dame Seishin University, Okayama City


M.Y., Okayama City


Tsugumi, Okayama City