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Welcome to Sky High English Language School

If you are looking for a laid-back, at-home environment for learning the English language, Sky High is here to help you achieve your learning goals. We provide fun, innovative English lessons which will prove to give you or your child positive results for whatever your English needs are. We are passionate about teaching, and want to you and/or your child build confidence with speaking English, as we aim towards the path of you gaining real English language communicative competence. Stop by our classroom for a free trial lessons, and see that it is the best place or you to study in Okayama city.

Skyhigh English Language School was a fun, very relaxing environment and I was able to acquire useful English. Moreover, I was able to learn various fields such as Eiken exam, TOEFL, TOEIC according to needs.

HirokiStudentLos Angeles, Calif.


Kids English

Sky High English Language School offers English lessons for children as young as 2 years old.  We believe that the earlier a child starts to learn English, and become comfortable with the learning environment, it will be easier for transition to higher levels of learning.

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English Conversation

Sky High English Language School has no limits to the type of lessons we offer for our adult English learners. We have a variety lessons for business, leisure, travel, and even just to help adults attain their upper-level English ability.
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Business English

Our Business English lessons are designed to teach you to communicate effectively in English in professional contexts.  We aim toward your goal to expand your English vocabulary and improve your ability to speak in English in both social and professional interactions.

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English Test Prep

Knowing that the Eiken, TOEIC, and TOEFL tests aet the standard for assessing English-language skills, on different levels, Sky High has created special curricula to help you succeed in
meeting your goals.

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Why do I want to know English? Is it really that important?

If you aren’t already naturally curious about the English language, and wonder if it is really worth it, we are here to tell you… It is! Here are a few reasons why it is advantage to have English in your life.

Why study English?

  • English is the most commonly spoken language in the world.
  • A majority of movies and music are in English.
  • English is the language of international Business.
  • The English language is always changing, so there is always more to learn and understand.
  • If you are a world traveler, English is very convenient.
  • You can make new friends from all over the world, with English.
  • 50% of the content produced on the internet is in English
  • English a fun and easy language to learn, once you start.


Sky High offers English the way you want to learn!

We understand that people want to study English for different reasons. This is why we offer English for all people in all walks of like. We also understand that people like learning in different ways, so we are here to make you feel comfortable. Sky High wants you to enjoy your learning experience.

Travel English

With our Travel English curriculum, students can get a quick understanding of the English they may need when traveling abroad.

Preschool Dispatch

Sky High will come to your pre-school to teach groups of children, so that they may start early-on with a great impression of learning English.

Company Dispatch

If you are a business that demands TOEIC test taking, or even private and group lessons, Sky High will come to your company.

Our Students Voices:

Come to Sky High English Language School, and see why our students are satisfied!

It has been around a year and a half since I started going to Sky High. I want to have fun and get familiar with English, and I wanted to have English proficiency, so I began to go to here. A bright and energetic teacher will give you a sharp lesson. After classes, we think about various games using English and will be together so we are very excited and the kids love Sky High too. I was surprised that my English skill grew steadily quickly.”

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